Baby Step 60: Managing Your Life’s Independence


For our five year anniversary HOMESTEADING Downsized selected Baby Step 60 to be a review of how far we have come in gaining our life’s independence.

Below are links to each of the Baby Steps to Life’s Independence posts. Click on them to assist in managing your Independence.

Thank you for following us at HOMESTEADING Downsized and viewing our progress in taking control of our independence.

Throughout our journey we have published 2 volumes of e-books and will be releasing volume 3 very soon. Download your copy at

Baby Steps to Life’s Independence 1 – 60 :

Baby Step 1: The Value of a Fishing Licence

Baby Step 2 – Wild Edibles 1

Baby Step 3: Stories around the Fire

Baby Step 4: Hang a Clothesline

Baby Step 5: Harvesting Rainwater in a Barrel

Baby Step 6: Brew Natural Sun Tea

Baby Step 7: Light a Fire – Cook off the Grid

Baby Step 8:  Make Your Own Cleaning Products – Save Money

Baby Step 9: Bake Bread Together

Baby Step 10: Become a Weather Watcher

Baby Step 11: Make a Cold-Smoker and Prepare Smoked Fish

Baby Step 12: Being Prepared

Baby Step 13: Hugelkultur Garden Beds

Baby Step 14: Grow Salad on a Windowsill

Baby Step 15: Grow Your Own Set Onions

Baby Step 16: Be an Extended Season Gambler

Baby Step 17: Top Five Practices for Stocking-Up

Baby Step 18: Grow Up and Expand Your Garden – Trellis Up!

Baby Step 19: Make Your Lawn and Garden Solutions

Baby Step 20: Learn How to Plank Your Dinner

Baby Step 21: Irrigation Systems for Your Garden

Baby Step 22: Make a Composting System

Baby Step 23:  Become a  Materials Scavenger 

Baby Step 24: Make Your Own Non-toxic Pest Sprays

Baby Step 25: Inexpensive Hugelkultur Container Gardening

 Baby Step 26: Decorative Vegetable Landscaping

Baby Step 27: Partner with Bees and Butterflies

Baby Step 28: Expand on Solar Energy

Baby Step 29: Certify Your Wildlife Habitat

Baby Step 30: Bag Gardening to Raised Beds

Baby Step 31: Dutch Oven Cookery

Baby Step 32: Cold Processing Your Harvest a Jar at a Time

Baby Step 33: Ask and You Shall Receive (Advise)

Baby step 34: Dehydrate Your Harvest

Baby Step 35: Tapping into Emergency Drinking Water within Your House

Baby Step 36: Cold Crocked Pickles a Jar at a Time

Baby Step 37: The Art of Pit Cooking

Baby Step 38: Making Homemade Toothpaste

Baby Step 39: Fermenting Juice to Wine in a Bottle

Baby Step 40: Extending Your Growing Season

Baby Step 41: Easy Fruit Tree Pruning

Baby Step 42: Fall Planting for Spring

Baby Step 43: Landscape with a Super food

Baby Step 44: Giving the Gift of Nature

Baby Step 45: Smoke Turkey from the Grill

Baby Step 46: Park Your Emergency Power Plant in the Garage

Baby Step 47:  Extend Your Growing Season in Spring

Baby Step 48: Feed Your Garden Miners

Baby Step 49: Feeling Confident Using Various Fire-Starting Methods

Baby Step 50: Home Invasion Protection – Safe and Inexpensive

Baby Step 51: Expand Gardening Opportunities For Spring

BABY STEP 52: Cover Your Garden Bed with a Box Spring Greenhouse

BABY STEP 53: Save Your Reserves in a Bank … of Snow.

Baby Step 54: Grow your “Can’t Wait” for Spring Garlic in a Container.

Baby Step 55: Yeasty Sourdough Bread vs. Unleavened Bread?

Baby Step 56: Protect Your Identity by Composting It.

Baby Step 57: Build an Emergency Bonfire – Indoors

Baby Step 58: Re-purposed Scraps Made into Projects

Baby Step 59: Practice Makes Permanent

Baby Step 60: Managing Your Life’s Independence




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