Baby Step 13 : Hugelkultur Garden Beds

Our Hugelkultur post a few months back really generated a lot of interest. Here are a couple of photos we did not include in that post.   see Hugelkultur

These are some of our garden beds we dug up and changed into Hugelkultur beds.

We are looking forward to cutting down on our metered watering usage (cost) for our gardening needs next summer.

Last year we cut out areas of our lawn to help conserve water and expand our garden beds.

We turned the beds into water conserving Hugelkultur beds. We dug our beds a foot deeper and filled them with salvaged dead wood and leaves. We back-filled the beds with a good organic, loamy-sandy,  compost mix.

The decaying organic matter will retain and conserve water, release nutrients and minerals to the soil , increase the heat  temperature (decaying process) of the bed and overtime – add organic amendment to the soil.

Visit us at HOMESTEADING – Downsized for future updates on our Hugelkultur garden project. It’s a baby step for us to a very old alternative gardening method.

Thanks for sharing!   –  Jabbear



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