Baby Step 1: The Value of a Fishing Licence

Our family loves fish.

Have you noticed the price of fish  – Good fish?    –  WOW!  OUTRAGEOUS! 

I say good fish because if you read into the label of the fish for sale  ….. there is a lot of not so good fish out there. Try to envision a farm raised fish (with color added) …..  what the ….?  color? Why does color need to be added?

As a kid I learned to fish from my dad. When I turned 18 I bought my 1st fishing license. I have bought a fishing license almost every year since. For a small annual fee and a small  investment on rod / tackle a person can eat good fish year round.

Fishing is great family fun. Seek out opportunities to fish and learn basic self- reliance skills together as a family.

We are fortunate to live near a couple of rivers and lakes that are great for fishing. Often times, we cook our catch that day in camp.

Our favorite recipe is to first season  (salt & Pepper)  the outside of the cleaned fish.  Next, fill the cavity  of the fish  and outside with fresh sprigs of herbs (Dill, Rosemary, Chives, Tarragon, etc.) and a little butter. Wrap each fish individually in foil and place them all directly on a bed of red-hot glowing coals.

Flip twice in 20 minutes and get ready to lick your fingers.

Next time you are at the supermarket stop by the seafood section and note the prices and where the fish was obtained. Stop a second and compare that to the price of a fishing licence and the quality of life a person can obtain from using it.

Get a License.


Go Fishing !




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