Baby Step 31: Dutch Oven Cookery

Dutch oven cooking is one of the oldest methods of cooking. The versatility of the Dutch oven  make it a popular type of outdoor cooking. This single piece of equipment can be utilized to shallow fry, deep fry, bake, boil, roast and stew. Heat is controlled in Dutch oven cooking by placing coals either underneath or both on the lid and underneath the unit.

Instead of lighting up the grill every time you cook outside try Dutch oven cooking. Create a campfire chilli, roast up a brisket or bake a peach cobbler for dessert.

Be sure to “season” your Dutch oven after each washing  by rubbing a thin coat of vegetable oil inside and out to prevent rusting.

Methods of Dutch Oven Cookery:


Boil and Stew:

Shallow Fry:

Deep Fry:


Expand your joy of cooking outdoors, take a baby step and learn the art of Dutch oven cookery.



  1. I’m a huge dutch oven fan myself! Me and some friends are actually planning a fundraiser and a dutch oven cook off is one of the ways we are hoping to raise some funds. Would you be okay with me using some of your nice photos for a brochure we are putting together?

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