Baby Step 16: Be an Extended Season Gambler

How far can we stretch this year’s growing season?

At HOMESTEADING Downsized we attempt to extend our growing season every day we can.  It’s a gamble trying to beat Mr. frost; sometimes you win and other times – you lose. Winning means extra growing days which equal abundant harvests.

Extend the spring growing season – it’s another baby step to life’s independence .

1. Plant Perennials – Plant them in fall and leave them be. Plants automatically kick-start in spring. First arrivals: asparagus, chives, strawberries and rhubarb .

2. Plant garlic, lettuce, shallots, spinach in fall – They will begin to grow on the first warm days of spring.

3. Utilize a cold frame – This will allow 3-4 extra weeks of growing seedlings outdoors.

4. Use Cloches – Use cut gallon jugs, plastic covers, or Water Trees to cover individual plants and protect them from late spring frosts. Be sure to Remove them on warm days.

5. Use Row Covers – These lightweight insulating cloths cover and protect plants from light frost while allowing moisture and light to penetrate.

Photo featured on garden grab

Thank you for sharing! – Jabbear



  1. I always feel very brave when I plant things out on the edges of the safe dates. Really no risk as I expect that there will be losses – so the only surprises are good ones. Lots of room for learning in the edges of what is “typically done.” Thanks for the tips!

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