Baby Step 43: Landscape with a Superfood – Aronia Berry Bushes

Beautify your yard while enjoying the health benefits of a superfood – the Aronia berry bush. The dark blue to purple berries are high in vitamin C and contain some of the highest levels of antioxidants found in any plant. In spring the bush blooms with small bouquets of small white flowers with dark green foliage. Clusters of deep blue to purple edible berries grow throughout the summer while the leaves turn an intense orange to red in fall. The berries have a fleshy, astringent flavor and sweeten slightly at the end of the growing cycle.

Harvested berries are best served in breakfast cereals,  blended in smoothies and juices or cooked into sauces, syrups and preserves. They can be dehydrated as a super healthy snack or fermented into a nice dry wine. Berries are harvested in fall and can be either dried or frozen for year round use.

This bush is also known as the Aronia melanocarpa Viking  – Black Chokeberry and are often used for landscaping. It can be found in the wild (Eastern United States) as undercover of  forests growing under trees and along edges of bogs, creeks and ponds. It’s plant hardiness is zone 3 (-40 to -30 F) and prefers partial shade to sun and moist soil. It grows into a 3-5 foot shrub requiring little maintenance. The plant takes only 2 to 3 years to mature into heavy fruit bearing production.

This is the perfect ornamental landscaping shrub for the yard while offering  years of super healthy fruit harvests.

For more information on the uses of Aronia berries visit our friends at –  Blazer Farmz  – They are domestic growers and premier producers of one of the top antioxidant berries in the world called Aronia.



  1. I have found the Aronia berries! My favorite organic nursery had it on their website, after translating the latin name into dutch I found out that they are the perfect bush to grow in our environment. Thanks again for bringing this under my attention.

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