Baby Step 24: Make Your Own Non-toxic Pest Sprays


It’s time – Bugs are here and getting bigger every day while feasting on fruit and vegetable plants.

Photo featured on garden grab
When bugs attack your garden, quick action and a successful solution is needed to eliminate  the hungry pests.

Try this all around home-made non-toxic pesticide recipe from Jerry Baker’s – Backyard Problem Solver .

This tonic will wipe out pests currently occupying your garden as well as keeping others from coming back.

Knock ‘ em Dead Insect Spray

6 cloves of garlic (finely chopped)

1 small onion (finely chopped)

1 tablespoon cayenne pepper

1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap

Simply mix ingredients in one quart of hot water and let sit overnight. Strain and pour liquid into a sprayer bottle.

Spray threatened plants and knock- em dead!

Making non-toxic pest sprays to manage garden pests is a baby step to life’s independence.



  1. We just started our seeds for the exciting! The kids will love helping me with this non-toxic pest spray. Thanks for the post.

  2. Ooooooh, another tool for the veggie patch arsenal. This looks a little more potent than the straight garlic and chili version Big Sis and I usually use. Thanks!

  3. I use a similar mix ( to which I add a couple of squashed (not crushed or the pieces clog your spray bottle) garlic and a couple of whole chillies to the bottle. When I refill the mildew mix I don’t change the garlic and chilli so they get quite smelly. I only use it when needed to get rid of mildew (the bicarb does that) or any sucking insects (the soap and oil smother them) or to deter cabbage moths (the garlic and chilli are too stinky for them). I reapply after rain and never put it on early on a sunny day. I apply it late in the afternoon or the sun will burn the leaves.

    Of course the most effective measure is to go out every morning looking for caterpillars or other eating bugs and picking them off. Slow but it works!

  4. For the first time ever we have loads of slugs here. I blame this horrid rain! And my radishes are being attacked by flea beetles. Time to start using your insect spray!

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