Baby Steps

Baby Steps to Life’s Independence

Baby Steps Vol 1 Cover

Download  your copy of Baby Steps Volume 1 & 2  at today!

Baby Step 1: The Value of a Fishing Licence

Baby Step 2 – Wild Edibles 1

Baby Step 3: Stories around the Fire

Baby Step 4: Hang a Clothesline

Baby Step 5: Harvesting Rainwater in a Barrel

Baby Step 6: Brew Natural Sun Tea

Baby Step 7: Light a Fire – Cook off the Grid

Baby Step 8:  Make Your Own Cleaning Products – Save Money

Baby Step 9: Bake Bread Together

Baby Step 10: Become a Weather Watcher

Baby Step 11: Make a Cold-Smoker and Prepare Smoked Fish

Baby Step 12: Being Prepared

Baby Step 13: Hugelkultur Garden Beds

Baby Step 14: Grow Salad on a Windowsill

Baby Step 15: Grow Your Own Set Onions

Baby Step 16: Be an Extended Season Gambler

Baby Step 17: Top Five Practices for Stocking-Up

Baby Step 18: Grow Up and Expand Your Garden – Trellis Up!

Baby Step 19: Make Your Lawn and Garden Solutions

Baby Step 20: Learn How to Plank Your Dinner

Baby Step 21: Irrigation Systems for Your Garden

Baby Step 22: Make a Composting System

Baby Step 23:  Become a  Materials Scavenger 

Baby Step 24: Make Your Own Non-toxic Pest Sprays

Baby Step 25: Inexpensive Hugelkultur Container Gardening

 Baby Step 26: Decorative Vegetable Landscaping

Baby Step 27: Partner with Bees and Butterflies

Baby Step 28: Expand on Solar Energy

Baby Step 29: Certify Your Wildlife Habitat

Baby Step 30: Bag Gardening to Raised Beds

Baby Step 31: Dutch Oven Cookery

Baby Step 32: Cold Processing Your Harvest a Jar at a Time

Baby Step 33: Ask and You Shall Receive (Advise)

Baby step 34: Dehydrate Your Harvest

Baby Step 35: Tapping into Emergency Drinking Water within Your House

Baby Step 36: Cold Crocked Pickles a Jar at a Time

Baby Step 37: The Art of Pit Cooking

Baby Step 38: Making Homemade Toothpaste

Baby Step 39: Fermenting Juice to Wine in a Bottle

Baby Step 40: Extending Your Growing Season

Baby Step 41: Easy Fruit Tree Pruning

Baby Step 42: Fall Planting for Spring

Baby Step 43: Landscape with a Super food

Baby Step 44: Giving the Gift of Nature

Baby Step 45: Smoke Turkey from the Grill

Baby Step 46: Park Your Emergency Power Plant in the Garage

Baby Step 47:  Extend Your Growing Season in Spring

Baby Step 48: Feed Your Garden Miners

Baby Step 49: Feeling Confident Using Various Fire-Starting Methods

Baby Step 50: Home Invasion Protection – Safe and Inexpensive

Baby Step 51: Expand Gardening Opportunities For Spring

BABY STEP 52: Cover Your Garden Bed with a Box Spring Greenhouse

BABY STEP 53: Save Your Reserves in a Bank … of Snow.

Baby Step 54: Grow your “Can’t Wait” for Spring Garlic in a Container.

Baby Step 55: Yeasty Sourdough Bread vs. Unleavened Bread?

Baby Step 56: Protect Your Identity by Composting It.

Baby Step 57: Build an Emergency Bonfire – Indoors

Baby Step 58: Re-purposed Scraps Made into Projects

Baby Step 59: Practice Makes Permanent

Baby Step 60: Managing Your Life’s Independence

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