Baby Step 20: Learn How to Plank Your Dinner

Today at HOMESTEADING Downsized we have reached our first mile marker with this post –  Baby Step 20. We are 1/5th of the way on our mission to life’s Independence. 

Since we have adopted a more independent, sustainable lifestyle we have been enjoying an increased quality of life. Our  food, electricity and water expenses have significantly decreased . We are enjoying our “garden to table / jar” and scratch baking / cooking culture and are eating healthier for much less. Most of all we are living a simpler lifestyle and appreciating the abundance nature has to offer all of us.   

Thank you to all of our followers, friends and visitors of  HOMESTEADING Downsized. We appreciate your likes, comments and kind words.  We look forward to continuing our journey  – Baby Steps to Life’s Independence and hope you follow along. Thank you for sharing! 

                                                                                              – Jabbear 

Ten Steps to Perfect Planking

Not only is grilling on a plank easy but it is both a flavorful and  impressive method of cooking outdoors. Plank-cooking is a simple and classic way to add the favored taste and aroma of wood smoke to fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and cheese.

Follow these ten easy steps to planking perfection:

Step 1: Soak the Plank. Ideally soak your plank overnight or at least for 1 hour before use. Submerge plank in clean water in kitchen sink or tub with a clean heavy object. Use only high quality, non-treated, clean planks.

Step 2:  Prep your food. Have all of your food prepped and ready to go before you start the grill.


Step 3:  Preheat your grill. Grill should be prepared for medium-high direct heat. For a gas grill set temp for High-Grill (wait 5 minutes). For a charcoal grill use 25 – 30 fresh white-hot briquets layered evenly across grill bottom.

Step 4: Rinse plank and place on grill. After rinsing place on grill and close the cover immediately.

Step 5: Heat up plank inside the grill. Wait 3-4 minutes until you hear the plank gently crackle and pop and begin to smoke. It’s time to begin planking!

Step 6: Place your food on the plank. Be sure to allow at least a 1 inch margin of wood around the edge to allow for charring.

Step 7: Immediately turn the heat down. This is for gas grills. They typically preheat at 500 -600 degrees F. Ultimate planking temperature is 350 – 450 degrees F.

Step 8: Closely monitor your cooking plank. Spray water on large flare-ups if they occur. Keep lid closed to prevent plank from burning up.

Step 9: Remove plank with food from grill. For an impressive caveman-style presentation serve prepared food right off of the charred plank. Otherwise remove food from plank then remove charred plank from grill.

Step 10: Extinguish the charred plank. The plank will be hot and charred at time of removal. Dunk it in water and make sure it is completely out.

Expand your methods of cookery knowledge and take another baby step to life’s independence by planking your dinner tonight.

Follow us for this Roasted Jalapeno and Teriyaki Short Rib planking recipe as well as other mouth-watering favorite dishes on Tempting Tuesdays and on our Tempting Recipes Page.

Thank you for sharing!  – Jabbear


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