Baby Step 12: Being Prepared

We live in Colorado. Living in Colorado we are used to snowstorms. For the last five days the weather people have been talking about today’s snowstorm. In the next 48 hours we may be getting 10-16 inches of the white stuff.

I was watching the news last night as the ground was beginning to turn white. Over half the newscast was about this snowstorm. Reporters were standing out in the snow to show us (the viewer) that it is snowing outside.

What caught my attention was the news clip showing the area grocery stores being overwhelmed by people who needed to stock up on food and supplies. Milk, eggs, snacks, canned goods and toilet paper were among the top sellers.

A store manager that was being interviewed, stated it was busier today than the day before Thanksgiving (busiest day). I flipped the channels to other news broadcasts and saw the same thing happening throughout the weather effected area.

Isn’t it amazing how a 48 hour blip in the weather affects so many unprepared people? Is it not easier and with less need to panic to simply stock a few rolls of toilet paper in a cubboard in case of an emergency?

A mini snapshot of a non-prepper society was revealed on the news last night. This was a simple snowstorm.  What will the news reports look like when a real disaster  becomes the issue?

What were we doing last night?     

Our family was having fun. We were enjoying chips and home-made salsa from  our overly stocked  pantry while playing our favorite boardgames and watching the silly news.  We did have the candles near us just in case the lights went out in the midlle of our game.


This Boy Scout Motto has repeated itself throughout all facets of my life – Jabbear 


















  1. I went to the store last night for eggs. We didn’t really need them, I just had a hankering for a specific breakfast. I was cracking up at the empty shelves. All I could think was, “Seruously people? Do you not have enough food in your house to last you for two days?” You’d think this was the first snowstorm they had ever seen. The cashier told me that a lot of people were spending $300+.
    I am so grateful for our fully stocked pantry in the kitchen and food storage in the basement.

  2. Maybe it was panic, but i have heard of people who do not even cook meals in their own kitchens so i guess these people would panic if it looked like they would have to stay home and eat in! We also have heaps of food in the store room, and in the summer we feed ourselves fresh food from the land! It is a wonderful thing to be able to feed yourself! c

  3. How’d your neighborhood fare? Another reason to prep… if folks are so frantic for temporary challenges (or even when competing for who gets to buy the latest Barbie after Thanksgiving), how will they act when a true emergency hits the scope?

    On another note, I’ve named you in our own “Versatile Blogger” page – It seems like a good way to recognize and publicize blogs, but please be very assured that I am applying no pressure for you to participate and hold no contempt should you decide not to!

    Thanks for the great blogs!

    Flying T

    • Thank you for your comment. It’s a great point that can lead to a very scary conclusion.
      We beleive it’s always best to be prepared.

      Thank you so much for nominating HOMESTEADING Downsized for the Versatile Blogger Award.

      We always appreciate your great feedback and insight!


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