Baby Step 3: Stories around the Fire

Last night our family escaped out to our backyard or what we refer to as “the back forty” (as it is about forty yards from the house). This is where we have the family fire pit and woodpile. We spend many nights throughout the year sitting under the stars, conversing with each other and telling stories while enjoying the flickering flames of a fire.

 Sitting around with family and friends is quality time. Add a fire, share a few stories and memories   have entertainment value that can not be beat.  Not to mention that it is  light on the pocket-book as well.

Bust out a bag of marshmallows, gather some roasting sticks and build a backyard fire. – Ours is built-in a HOA approved, above ground, copper fire ring.

Always remember:  The last story isn’t told and the night doesn’t end until the final glowing ember goes out.         –  Jabbear

     Watch and enjoy  peaceful glowing embers:  Burning Embers – stories told       



One comment

  1. Nice! What an awesome family tradition – Though we have more land now, we still have our chiminea that has traveled with us through several moves (including overseas!). A campfire is nature’s TV – change the channel by adding a log or stirring the embers – but unlike the electronic version, it tends to bring out the best in those watching.

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