Baby Step 23: Become a Landscaping Materials Scavenger

What materials do you need to complete your garden and yard projects this year?  You might need dirt, lumber, mulch,  railroad ties, landscaping rock or even a swing set.

With patience and a pick-up plan many landscaping supplies can be obtained inexpensively or many times – for free!

Log onto the internet and shop your community social networks such as  Free Cycle . org, Free Mesa .org, Craigslist. org. Leftover landscaping materials take up space (usually at the end of the driveway) and need to be moved quickly.  The incentive for having someone else remove it is usually by offering it for free.

Write out your materials list for your future projects.  Then continuously search your community social sites for amazing deals on what you already know you need. Be ready to pick it up fast as good deals never last long!

Photo featured on garden grab

Take the baby step by becoming a skilled scavenger obtaining  inexpensive  materials through community networks.


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