Baby Step 46: Park Your Emergency Power Plant in the Garage

The power goes out.

Seven hours later the power is still out. The laptop battery died hours ago, the house is dark and the kids are bored because the video games need power. … What to do?

If you are prepared you would simply plug-in your emergency power plant parked in the garage – your car with a compact, portable power inverter. For less than $75 you can provide your home with enough power to alternately run a light, a computer, video games, circulate air with a small fan and charge your cell phones during a power outage.

A 150 watt (or more) power inverter can be purchased at most electronic stores. Simply plug the inverter into the cigarette lighter outlet in your car and with keys, turn on the ignition  to accessory.  A 50 foot heavy-duty extension cord is then plugged into the power inverter and the electronic device is plugged into the extension cord.

The DC current from the car battery is inverted to AC current that  runs your household electronics. Be sure to occasionally start the car (with garage door open) for a few minutes to recharge the car battery. This simple emergency power plant will supply you with limited,  AC power until the power grid returns or your gas runs out and your car battery dies.

Emergency Power Plant

Take a baby step by preparing for a power outage with an emergency power plant.



  1. I had no idea such a thing existed. After years of debate we caved and bought a gas generator after Hurricane Sandy, but this would be a great solution for shorter outages.

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