Baby Step 18: Grow Up and Expand Your Garden – Trellis Up!

What do beans, cucumbers, peas and squash have in common?

All of these vegetables are opportunities to expand your garden space – vertically. These plants  love to climb and all that is required is a trellis to support them on their mission.

Many items can be used for a trellis providing it forces vertical growth, vines can attach their tendrils to it, it is heavy enough to support the plants and it is not sharp or toxic.

Challenge yourself by finding and recycling  materials and fixtures such as bamboo, fencing, ladders and wire to make your trellises.

Plants are healthier when grown vertically . They receive more sunshine, increased air circulation which stimulates growth and pollination and have less chance of damage due to fruit rot or insect infestation.

Take this simple baby step – Increase your harvest by expanding  your garden vertically.

Trellis examples on our homestead.

Photo featured on garden grab


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