Prepping for Jack Frost

The 1st day of fall came upon us last week and already we had our near frost alert. The temperatures dropped to a chilling 35 degrees early Friday morning .

We still have hot, sunny autumn days and our remaining tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and beans are growing and thriving.

However, our unpredictable cold evenings are …. becoming a bit  Scary!

Last week I became proactive in preparing for frost  and extending our growing season here in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Using salvaged materials and some cord, I set up a temporary structure to support our frost blankets and waterproof tarps when needed. We have had early snows – (Sept 26th – two years ago) so the structure must be able to support some weight.

I used our salvaged bean/pea trellises (clothing fixtures) and salvaged tent poles for the side supports.

Next, using cord I tied-off  these pieces to our HOA approved cedar plank fence .

This structure is perfect for quickly tossing our frost blankets over it to keep our fruit and vegetables  safe from our least favorite guest – Mr. Jack Frost.


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