HD Recipe: What to Do With Surplus Cherry Tomatoes?

Our cherry tomatoes are ripening 20 or so a day. We eat our daily fill in the yard fresh off the vine, slice them on our sandwiches for lunch and dice them in our salads with dinner.  We have become quite creative with our cherry tomato usage these days.

A favorite quick and easy method is what we call Frozen Cherry Tomato Bombs. These are perfect for  popping in your mouth for a perfect healthy, frozen snack.

Here is how we make these healthy, delicious, treats:

Take clean cherry tomatoes and from stem to stern , one at a time, push a skewer through each tomato to make a hole from end to end. Next take clean leaf cuttings from your favorite fresh herbs (Basil, Chives, Cilantro, oregano, Rosemary or Tarragon) and using the skewer poke the fresh herbs into the hole you made in each tomato. Once stuffed, place tomatoes in a ziplock bag or sealed container and freeze. Once frozen, these stuffed cherry tomato bombs will last for a year. For a delicious vitamin packed, refreshing snack simply remove one from freezer and pop it in your mouth.

We also highly recommend herb stuffed cherry bombs being placed as garnishes in libations – Bloody Marys and Old Fashions.


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