A Bit of the Wild

In our compact 1/3 acre mini homestead we try to do a lot of different self- reliance and family quality activities. Open space is quickly eliminated by our raised garden beds, trampoline, playhouse, swing set,  sheds, woodpile, BBQ/ Smoker/ Firepit area and compost pile.                                                                                                                                                                                      To keep a natural balance we plant many perennials and semi-annual flowers throughout the yard. We let flowers go into seed to replant in future years.  Our philosophy is if a flower grows and it is not in a traffic lane …. we simply let it grow to beautify our domain.

We feel it is important and calming to balance life’s structure                                                 with  a bit of wild and freedom.

Thank you for visiting Homesteading Downsized.                – Jabbear


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