Now Published : HOMESTEADING Downsized – Baby Steps to Life’s Independence Volume Three at

          Volume Three

Written by B. Jabbear

This e-book includes a “click and go” glossary with links to all Sixty Baby Steps to Life’s Independence from all three volumes.

I share homesteading and survival skills that are proven to work on a smaller scale. Our homestead is a small, suburban, HOA (Home Owner Association) controlled, 1/ 4 acre lot in Castle Rock, Colorado. Follow my journey, taking baby steps together, towards a healthier, independent and sustainable lifestyle.

“Fulfilling this goal rekindles an internal energy … a sense of being in control. It is the same feeling of independence our forefathers experienced throughout their daily lives. It’s about learning to take care of ourselves. It’s the feeling of confidence … knowing you have the skills to do it on your own.”

“Begin your journey with baby steps – one step at a time” 

B. Jabbear

Purchase all three Volumes at  Baby Steps. 





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