Tempting – Grilling Delicious Foiled Nutrition

Grilling has been a real passion of mine for many years. I’m a year-round griller. The neighbors often see me running outside tending my grill at all hours and in all kinds of weather. Meat is often the focus and center stage of my passion.

I try to live a balanced life. So with my grilled meat I do enjoy delicious, nutritious grilled vegetables.

I cook my veggies in foil packs, a cooking method  I learned many years ago as a kid in scout camp. Foil pack cookery is one of the easiest, foolproof methods of grilling vegetables.

Simply take a large square of double layered aluminum foil  and place a cup of your favorite vegetables (chopped or sliced) in the center with a tablespoon of either a fat (butter, fat, margarine or oil) or liquid (broth, sauce or water). If you desire – add seasoning, fresh or dried herbs. Fold and seal edges. Place on grill, or directly on coals and cook for 5 minutes before flipping over foil pack. Cook for an additional 5-8 minutes before removing from grill. Let pack rest for 3-5 minutes before opening.

Caution: Veggies will be hot and delicious every time.

Note: Multiple smaller foil packs will cook faster and more evenly than one large foil pack.

Vegetable Foil Pack



  1. I too am a year-round griller. Even if that means shovelling a path through the snow to get to the BBQ! I love grilled veggies too – the flavour is incredible. My two favourite things to grill? Cubed potatoes with garlic and olive oil and fruit crumble. Dessert cooked on the barbeque keeps the heat and clutter out of the kitchen. Great post today!

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