Mom’s Gift – Off-Grid Fire Heated Hot Tub

There was a great big smile on mommy’s face when our 8-year-old and I unveiled the new off-grid fire heated hot tub we built her for Mother’s Day.

To make it, we recycled a 110 gallon water tank (cleaned and sterilized), used a couple of simple hose connections (lower = cold water – in, upper = hot water – out) and a water heater made from a  galvanized bucket with lid that’s full of water and heated on a hot fire pit.

Simply fill the tub and bucket with tap water. Light a fire and push hot coals under the grate supporting the water heater. As the water begins to heat it cycles through into the hot tub creating a vacuum drawing the cooler water from the hot tub into the water heater.

Add 1/2 cup bath salt into the water heater. This will not only soften the water and relax the body but also offers a wonderful fragrance that mingles with the fresh air and fire. We recommend bergamot coriander or lavender. Toss a handful of fresh picked cedar, mint or sage on the fire for an added infusion of fragrant aromas.

After trying out mom’s gift, we agree that off-grid hot tubbing is a big baby step and a relaxing uplift in our quality of a simpler life.

Simply said – “AAAaaaaahhhhhhhh !!

Thanks for sharing.   –  Jabbear



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