Sharing Thanks on Thanksgiving Day

We are thankful to all of the men and women in the armed forces that are away from their families protecting our freedoms.

We are thankful to be together as a loving family. We are grateful to be able to walk our daughter to and from school and fortunate to drive a short distance to a job with a purpose.

This year our family has become even stronger, taking unpredictable challenges head-on,  knowing that together we will come out winning.

We have embraced our passion of getting back to basics and living a simpler more independent lifestyle. Along the way we have learned many wonderful skills.                 These days, we are enjoying life a lot more by slowing it down. We have learned to               de-stress on what we cannot control by focusing on what we can control, grow and produce.

We are thankful for the opportunity and challenge of adopting a                               homesteading – downsized lifestyle and sharing it on our blog.

We are also thankful for our subscribers that share their appreciation in what we are doing – giving us added purpose in our lives.

Thank you for sharing!

We hope you and your family have a very special – Happy Thanksgiving.

– Jabbear


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