Birds Need Breakfast – Every Day!

The other night we encountered our second snow storm in Castle Rock, Colorado.             At around six in the morning I awoke to a very cold house. I had forgotten to turn the furnace onto the automatic setting before going to bed. I shivered my way downstairs and quickly flipped on the thermostat. Within seconds I could feel the comfort of heat.                I stepped to our back patio door to watch the early morning sun and freshly fallen snow.

I had already forgotten the chill in the air.  I looked outside and saw a dozen of our little feathered friends feasting in a frenzy at our bird feeder. I watched these birds devour calories that would aid in keeping them warm until the sun shone warmer.


I made a promise to myself:   I would ensure that there are always multiple birdfeeders  filled with food availiable for our small feathered friends.

Birds Need Breakfast  – Every Day! 


Thanks for sharing!    – Jabbear


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