gallery Baby Steps to Homesteading

Thank you for visiting our blog and homestead!

Do you have the urge to cut the cord from your daily grind and run off to live a peaceful, stress-free life as a homesteader?

Ahh yes – dreams of growing acres of fruit and vegetables, raising free range goats  and fermenting crocks of kraut.  That’s been our dream for a long time.

Our Problem:

Our greatest barrier to living a homesteaders lifestyle has been lack of space*.  

*We live in a small house without basement on a small fenced-in lot in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Our Solution:

We have adapted many homesteading skills on a much smaller scale.

We refer to this as:

HOMESTEADING DOWNSIZED – Baby steps to life’s independence.

This is our blog of passion :

We are feeling really good about the skills we have learned and the levels of self-reliance that we have obtained.

Our blog is set up to share these skills / experiences with our visitors.

Welcome to our blog and our homestead in Castle Rock, Colorado.

We always welcome your comments.

Thank you for visiting.  

– Jabbear                                                          


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