Baby Step 67: Water Readiness

A person can survive only two days without water or fluids before severe dehydration  complicates life.

For most, fresh drinking water is as close as a turn of the spigot.  For many, this becomes a realization of convenience only after the power goes off and the water stops flowing out of the faucet.  Take a baby step – prepare yourself for emergency water outages/shortages by having layers of water readiness on hand.


If you are aware of possible power outages be proactive by filling bottles, pots and  bathtub with tap water that can be used for drinking, cooking and cleaning until the power resumes.




During an extended power outage, drain your hot water heater into containers. This is a source of many gallons of drinking water.





IMG_0002  A baby step to emergency preparedness is to have a stockpile of purified drinking water on hand for times you may find yourself out of running water.




IMG_0142 For long term, alternative water source solutions invest in High Volume Water Filters. These are designed  to filter hundreds of gallons and will remove over 99% of bacteria, pathogens, chemicals (including Chlorine), sediment and volatile organic compounds. Water can be taken from streams, lakes, ponds and swimming pools or any fresh water source then easily filtered through these units for safe drinking water.




Water straw filters and filter cups  are not only compact and lightweight but they ensure you drinking water almost any where you go.

Designed to filter hundreds of gallons of safe drinking water. Simply dip or fill and drink from any fresh water source.

IMG_0153 Water can also be made safe for drinking by either boiling it or by using water purification tablets. Both of these purification methods will drastically change the way the water tastes. Boiling the water will leave it tasting flat and carry over the flavors of the original water. Water purified with purification tablets will have a chemical after taste as well as the original water flavor.


Water readiness is a simple baby step to life’s independence in assuring water is always available to you no matter the circumstances encountered.



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