Baby Step 65: Up-cycle Paper Egg Cartons into Seed Starters

Paper egg cartons that eggs are packaged in are manufactured from recycled paper and molded pulp. They can easily be up-cycled into seed starters.  Commercially sold seed starters can be expensive. Up-cycling your paper egg cartons have many benefits in addition to saving money. They retain heat and moisture; both required for quick seed germination.
Paper egg cartons make transplanting the seedlings easy without risk of root damage. Transplanting seedlings into the garden with the egg carton seed starter helps prevent root shock as plants transition into the garden soil. As your plants grow, the seed starters breakdown and add moisture retaining amendment to the garden soil.  Finally, the process of up-cycling paper cartons into seed starters is a great way to recycle empty egg cartons from ending up in the trash can.

  • Simply cut apart the paper egg carton into individual cups.
  • Use a pen or pencil to poke a hole into the bottom of each paper cup.
  • Next, fill cups with potting soil.

  • Push carton cups into the soil of a larger container until top is level with soil.
  • Fill each cup with potting soil.
  • Add seeds (follow planting directions to determine seed depth).
  • Cover the seeds with potting soil.
  • Gently water each cup.
  • Wait until water is absorbed then water again.
  • Place container into a warm, sunny spot to allow seed germination.
  • Water daily keeping soil moist.
  • Thin seedlings according to seed packet instruction.

  • When plants are proper size to transplant (seed instructions) harden off plants by placing outdoors in the shade for a few hours. Extend time outdoors each day for a week before transplanting into your garden bed  or container garden. Once plants are transplanted,  continue watering as needed and follow fertilizing instructions until ready for harvest. the paper egg cups will slowly breakdown into the soil increases your soil quality and moisture retention..



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