Baby Step 64: What’s in My Survival Day Pack?

A survival day pack is a kit that contains bare essential emergency supplies. It’s lightweight, compact and easily carried with you. A survival day pack offers peace of mind whether you are hiking or biking through the foothills, fishing, hunting, skiing, or evacuating your home or workplace during an emergency.

A survival day pack can be carried with you in a backpack,  purse, office bag, gym bag or in a pocket. This kit must be small enough to keep it near you wherever you go.  It contains items to cover basic survival necessities such as  fire, water, shelter, health, light, communication, and basic tools / self-defense.

The items you have in your survival day pack should be  minimal – but essential for when you find yourself in an emergency situation.

My survival day pack weighs only 7 ounces and is contained within a waterproof pouch that easily fits into my jacket pocket. The contents include the following.

Fire: Butane Lighter / Waterproof Matches / Fire Starter

Water: Drinking Straw (purifies drinking water)

Shelter: Rain Poncho / Emergency Blanket

Health: First Aid Kit / Ibuprofen Pills

Light: Small Flashlight

Communication: Whistle / Permanent Marker / Paper Pad

Tools / Self-Defense: Multi-Blade Knife


Be Prepared – Make a Survival Day Pack and carry it with you for unexpected emergencies.




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