Baby Step 62: Up-Cycle an Old Washing Machine into a Fire Pit

Washing Machine Fire Pit
Washing Machine Fire Pit

Before you haul your broken washing machine to the scrap yard get your tools out and dismantle it for parts.


The main focus is to remove the metal wash drum. The end result –  a beautiful fire pit offering you many nights of enjoyment and a perfect grill  for backyard entertaining. Throughout the dismantling process you will also obtain a lot of reusable hardware i.e.  nuts, bolts, belts, hoses, wires, springs and sheet metal.

Getting your washing machine broken down to the drum is not only a fun but also creates an analytic thought project on how a washer is put together.

Once you get the washing drum free you will want to clean it to remove the years of caked on soap scum. I used a wire wheel on a hand drill which easily shined it up to a beautiful finish.

Be creative in completing this project. Once cleaned I used a flat black Hi-Temp spray paint such as used to paint outdoor grills. I purchased a large round stainless steel grilling grate for less than $20 at a big box hardware store to meet all my grilling needs. I also painted a recycled metal rim to create an ornate trim.


The end result was amazing!  I can now safely burn large fires in my fire pit. We enjoy many marshmallow roasting evenings and entertain guests by grilling steaks, burgers and sweet corn in our backyard.

An added feature is the dancing light show display from the fire shining through the perforated holes within the washing drum.

Create a fun baby step up-cycling project – a fire pit from a vessel that once washed clothes.






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