Baby Step 59: Practice Makes Permanent

HD 1st Blog 035

Like any actor, athlete, dancer, singer or writer the key to their life’s ambition and success includes practice, practice and more practice. Practice and repetition is burned into their minds; routines can be visualized and become permanent.

It is not enough to merely learn a skill. A person must practice it repeatedly for it to become permanent. This method of permanence applies in all career realms; bakers, carpenters, educators and surgeons all practice repeatedly to strengthen their skill set. Sales persons role play engaging their customers, realtors practice completing home closings and race car drivers practice their speed turns. The best in any field achieved their recognition and successes through repeated practice.

To learn homesteading and survival successfully, one must also practice to make these skills permanent. Practice your canning, gardening and food preparation skills. Practice orientation to prevent from getting lost. Practice various methods of fire building to cook and stay warm under any conditions. Practice bugging out to prepare for when times require an emergency evacuation.

Always keep in mind that not only does practice make permanent it can also save your life some day.

Take the big baby step and follow the anthem – “Practice Makes Permanent.”








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