Baby Step 57: Build an Emergency Bonfire – Indoors

Possible real life scenario: Your power is out (storm, power grid failure, utilities shutoff, etc.) and it is getting very cold in your house. What to do?

In an emergency, you can make a simple indoor fire using supplies you already have in your bathroom and pantry. Heat a small room by building this smokeless bonfire using a roll of toilet paper, a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a tin can.


Simply remove the cardboard core from a roll of bathroom tissue. Fold the core-less paper roll and push it into an open ended medium size (#10) metal can.


Empty a pint bottle of Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol into the tissue filled can. Place filled fuel container into a larger cooking pot.


Set this portable bonfire on a  brick or block of wood before lighting with a match or lighter. Always ensure you  have proper ventilation and keep away from surrounding flammable materials.


The alcohol in your smokeless indoor bonfire will burn for 4-5 hours while heating a small room during an emergency.


To extinguish your indoor bonfire simply place a cover over it. Once cool, cover the fuel container with a tight fitting lid on  or place into a sealed bag

Take a baby step – light your indoor bonfire, breakout the marshmallows and stay warm during your next power outage.


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