TEMPTING: BBQ Perfection Without The Grill

When grilling, extreme heat is the solution to a perfect sear;  caramelizing both fat and fiber into delicious, charbroiled flavor.

Prepare a perfect BBQ  by grilling directly on a chimney charcoal starter instead of using a traditional grill.

grill 048

The temperature of a hot, covered grill reaches between 400 – 500 degrees F.           A hot charcoal grill without a lid reaches a broiling temperature of 700 degrees F. Red hot coals in a chimney starter reaches an extreme, hot and searing temperature of  1000 – 1200 degrees F.

grill 053

To prepare perfect barbecue simply season your food, skewer and grill over a chimney started half filled with red hot coals.

Note: Be sure to have everything you need ready before you begin your BBQ. With such high broiling temperatures your meal will cook quickly. To prevent it from burning, you CAN NOT WALK AWAY. You will need to be attentive – flipping your food sooner and more often than traditional grilling.

grill 046

Once your meal is completed let the coals burn down inside the chimney while enjoying your charbroiled BBQ. For an entertaining dessert afterwards – skewer some marshmallows and roast them over the remaining hot coals.

Before departing your BBQ zone always ensure the remaining hot coals have been completely extinguished.

Save both time and money by using an extremely hot chimney charcoal starter to prepare a deliciously seared BBQ.

This searing hot method of grilling will impress your guests – GUARANTEED!








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