Baby Step 56: Protect Your Identity by Composting It.

Daily, thousands of individuals’ identities are stolen; causing them duress and financial loss. Personal, documented information in a thief’s hands can quickly be used to gain access into your  bank accounts, credit card accounts, employment and health records. This breach of information will cost you many hours of frustration and stress trying to get your identity back.

Identity post 032

Keep your unneeded personal information (i.e. bank and credit card statements, loan applications, bills, and insurance papers) secure by using this simple, safe and secure method – make a batch of Identity Compost Tea.

Step 1:  Half fill a large container with hot water.

Identity post 035

Step 2: crumple up your unneeded personal documents and toss them into the hot water. Let papers soak for 2-3 minutes.

Identity post 039

Step 3: Simply whisk until all your information becomes a slurry.  Pour your identities onto your compost pile to share with your garden friends later.

Identity Compost Tea leaves your unneeded personal information safe, secure and plant friendly.



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