Baby Step 54: Grow your “Can’t Wait” for Spring Garlic in a Container.


Garlic is a “must have – on hand” staple ingredient in our kitchen. We grow our garlic starting by putting harvested garlic cloves to bed (raised garden) in early fall for the winter.  The remaining harvested garlic heads are air dried and consume throughout the winter months.


When we over consume our harvest we simply plant a bunch of garlic cloves in a flower pot with potting soil. Plant pointed end up about a 1/2 inch below the surface of the soil.  Water well and place in a sunny spot to warm the soil to encourage garlic cloves germination. Keep soil slightly moist. Garlic will sprout within 5- 10 days and will grow into what looks like a green onion.


We seldom get past this growing stage. As our container garlic grows we begin to clip the greens and nibble on our fresh garlic as it matures. It’s delicious on salads, toast and chopped into, Spring Garlic pasta sauce,  entrees, stir fry or Spring Garlic Pesto.

Any remaining container garlic can also be transplanted into your garden in early Spring.

Planting container garlic is a baby step in keeping up with your garlic supply.


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