BABY STEP 53: Save Your Reserves in a Bank … of Snow.

Cold winter days often equate to extra time spent in the warm kitchen preparing future feasts.

Take advantage of natures’s outdoor frigid  temperatures to store your cache of prepared reserves. Freeze and save future meals in a snow freezer.


A hand-dug snow freezer is perfect In climates where snowfall builds up and is abundant throughout the winter. Find a safe, pet and predator free spot that is on a North side (shade side) location with lots of available snow. With a snow shovel simply dig a deep trough that is wide enough to hold your prepared food containers. As meals are prepared stow them in the makeshift freezer and cover with a foot of snow. Place a plywood board over the top of your snow freezer to mark the location and protection from sun, rain and animals.

Snow Freezer Tips:

  • Always cool prepared foods completely  in a pot or bowl before packaging into containers and freezing in your snow freezer.
  • Fill  zip-lock bags with prepared food. Once filled, lay bag on a flat surface and remove extra air before closing.
  • Lay Filled freezer bags flat in snow freezer in single layer to ensure quick and constant freeze.
  • Save space by stacking flat, frozen food packs.
  • Use long markers (sticks, board, etc.) to assist in locating specific meals.
  • Store leftovers in smaller containers in one area of your snow freezer for quick grab and go meals.
  • Snow freezers are perfect for winter holidays and occasions when extra food storage space is needed for an upcoming feast and to assist in storing leftovers afterwards.


Take a baby step –  expand your freezer storage outside this winter.







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