Made CRANBERRY – HONEY MEAD today for 2017 New Year’s Celebration.



1 – 3 gallon sanitized Carboy Fermenter (shown)

3 gallons bottled spring water

48 ounces raw & unfiltered honey

1/2 ounce wine yeast

1 cup cleaned fresh cranberries

Directions: Mix 1 gallon spring water in carboy with honey. Swirl until honey is dissolved while adding remaining bottled water. Add wine yeast and swirl until dissolved. Add clean cranberries and apply airlock bubbler (shown). Place in a 60-70 degree F. room and leave undisturbed until bubbler stops bubbling. Siphon mead mix into a secondary leaving cranberries and yeast settlings behind. Apply bubbler and let rest undisturbed to settle and clarify for 4 to 8 weeks. Siphon into bottles and cork. Patience is always rewarded however can be consumed in six months after fermentation.

HONEY MEAD – The Nectar of the Gods



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