Tempting Tuesday : Asian Cucumber Salad with Sriracha Hot Chili Dipping Sauce

Today we begin a new feature at HOMESTEADING Downsized – Tempting Tuesday.  

Follow us every Tuesday and discover a taste tempting recipe for your week.                      Our recipes are taste-tested favorites among our family, friends and guests.                       We like to keep it simple, balanced and always mouth-watering and delicious!

Because we are gardeners/preppers we prefer (when we can) to use ingredients that we have on hand in our freezer, pantry and garden.

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Asian Cucumber Salad with Sriracha Hot Chili Dipping Sauce

This is a quick, easy (peel, cut, slice, mix, toss) five ingredient recipe that is light, refreshing, and highly addictive. It’s the perfect appetizer, snack or side dish. There’s a  nice balance between the cool refreshing cucumber with rice vinegar and the slow building mouth-burn of the sriracha hot chili dipping sauce.


1 large peeled and cored cucumber

1/4 cup rice vinegar

coarse sea salt

fresh ground pepper corns

sriracha hot chili sauce

Prep: Wash, peel, cut and core large cucumber. With a sharp knife, slice the cucumber diagonally in 1/8 inch slices. In a medium size bowl combine cucumber slices and rice vinegar and toss. Add sea salt and ground pepper to taste then toss again. Allow to marinade for 15 minutes in cooler before serving. Serve on a plate with dashes of sriracha hot chili sauce.

We recommend:                                                                                                                               HUY FONG SRIRACHA HOT CHILI SAUCE – Rooster                                                   – found in the asian food aisle of most large grocery stores.


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