Princesses and Horses

Like a lot of girls her age, our seven-year old princess LOVES horses.  Her passion is genuine. Last summer she had the opportunity in assisting with the care of two horses. She learned that it takes a certain amount of work every day to care for them.                           Not only did she learn to ride she also learned to connect with horses.

For Christmas our daughter is asking Santa for  – guess what? – a real horse.     Unfortunately, our tiny suburban homestead can not support a real horse.

We are however within HOA (Home Owner’s Association) guidelines in getting her these two horses – which she loves.

Two horses quickly turned into a herd.

Our dream is to sell our house in Castle Rock, buy some land and homestead a sustainable, self-reliant lifestyle.

Our princess’s dream is to own, care for and ride horses.

Presently, at our 1/4 acre homestead we are taking baby steps to life’s independence.

It’s the baby steps that we learn, that will make both our dreams come true.

Those who dream – Live.      – Jabbear



  1. You’ve been overrun! And now she’s asking THE question!
    That’s a great baby step – to get her working and caring for the horses first. Just beware that one thing leads to another and… boom! You’ve got a half-ton animal converting your money into 40-lbs of work a day (and we wouldn’t have it any other way).

  2. I can relate! Now that we are on a farm my 8 year old keeps asking when we will get horses – fortunately for her, I am horse crazy as well! 😉

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